Some might say destiny rather than mere chance led Annamaria Cammilli into the world of fine jewelry making. Originally a painter, Cammilli was introduced to the art of goldsmithing by the Renai Family of Florence. The Renais had a long and illustrious history of goldsmithing, and once Cammilli married into the family, she was able to become a part of this history as well. At the end of the seventies, Cammilli came out with her own haute jewelry line followed by the establishment of her brand officially in 1982. Since it’s founding the name Annamaria Cammilli has become synonymous with intricate floral-themed designs and outstanding craftsmanship.

As a toast to the brand’s goldsmithing heritage, Cammilli put a strong focus on gold and the creation of pieces that showcased the pure beauty of the precious metal. The brand makes its jewelry in six distinct tones, three of which are the classic shades of yellow, white and rose. Innovation paired with superior craftsmanship has made Annamaria Cammilli designs an international delight and a regular fixture in the fashion world. If you are in the market for jewelry that displays the true vibrancy of gold, look no further than our collection of Annamaria Cammilli fine jewelry.