Federico Gauttieri is acutely in-tune with his senses, onstantly striving for perfection. As the descendant of an age-old noble family, Federico resounds with the echoing glories of a lineage that has continued for over a thousand years, since his ancestors took part in the First Crusade. From that moment on, a plaque set in the entrance to the ruins of the ancient harbour of Caesarea in Israel has commemorated the adventurous spirit of the Gauttieri family. Over time a creative streak evolved, shaping each aspect of existence, and the focus turned to jewellery - the synthesis of everything that is considered beautiful. Federico is a resourceful man, dedicated to detail. Fond of Renaissance and Baroque art, with a passion for cooking, he has sailed the seven seas as an amateur yachtsman and in 2004 founded Casato, conveying the originality of his art to the world of jewellery. This is how Casato jewellery is created. It combines noble taste with creative flair, interpreting the colours of the gems from an original point of view. Each colour corresponds to an experience, to a captured moment or impression, yet the interpretation is never an end in itself, but rather the anticipation of a desire to please women; the real centre of the Casato universe.