Hublot? This is an unusual way to success! This is the way the experts speak about this unique Swiss watch company, which is in constant motion. It wants to create the future with an astonishing speed. It took Hublot three decades to become famous. During this time, it was the first Swiss luxury watch brand, which tried to combine precious metals with unconventional materials like natural rubber. This creative concept, now known as the «Art to Combine Incongruous Things» in alliance with the original design, led to a real revolution in the watch industry.

Creating models for such collections as Big Bang, King Power, Classic Fusion and Masterpiece with watch complications of own production as tourbillon, minute repeater, split-seconds chronograph, a second counter, retrograde date function, universal time (GMT), and many others, Hublot continues to write the story of «Art to Combine Incongruous Things», combining unusual materials such as Magic Gold alloy (secret alloy of 750-carat (world premiere that Hublot owns exclusive rights to) gold and King Gold alloy (red gold with a 5% platinum content), carbon fibers, zirconium, tantalum, tungsten, Hublonium (aluminum and magnesium), ceramics and titanium with the more traditional gold, platinum, steel, diamonds and precious stones.

In 2008, the Hublot Company became the official supplier of watches for such teams as «Manchester United», and the entire European football championship «Euro 2008». In 2010, Hublot became the first ever official supplier of watches for FIFA and the next two World Cups. This occurred immediately after it had been named the official watch partner of Formula 1. These two events made the Hublot brand a significant player on the world stage. This brand is also the official supplier of watches for the Ferrari Company, associated with sailing sports through collaboration with the Monaco Yacht Club, whose president is His Serene Highness the Prince of Monaco Albert II, and with the Royal Yacht Club in Palma (Real Club Nautico de Palma), the organizer of the Cup of the King of Spain Race. In addition, the Hublot brand is involved in organizing golf, polo and skiing tournaments and has contracts with famous athletes for advertisements of their products.