"I would like to decorate with pearls the necks of all the women of the world."

Kokichi Mikimoto

These words belong to Kokichi Mikimoto, who materialized his cherished dream in 1893: to obtain the world’s first cultivated pearl. Since then, more than a century has passed, but the dream of Mikimoto \' s founder continues to inspire us. The Mikimoto Company remains a major world producer of high-quality cultivated pearls and the creator of delightful jewelry.

Today Mikimoto is one of the biggest names of fine jewelry. Jewelry of this company can be found in all major cities of the world, including Tokyo, Paris, New York, Hong Kong, London and Moscow. Preserving Kokichi Mikimoto\' heritage for future generations, Mikimoto uses for its jewelry only the most selected cultivated pearls. Thanks to Mikimoto, pearl jewelry became a sign of high style instead of a sign of high status origin.